How to Setup MediaWiki with Docker


1) Install Mediawiki with sudo docker container run -d --name mediawiki -p 8080:80 mediawiki

2) Install MySQL with sudo docker container run -d --name mediawiki-mysql -v mediawiki-mysql:/var/lib/mysql -e MYSQL_ROOT_PASSWORD=<root_pwd> mysql

You can additionally install SMTP server with sudo docker run -d --name mediawiki-smtp namshi/smtp

3) Create a new network with sudo docker network create mediawiki

4) Put all containers into a new network.

$ sudo docker network connect mediawiki mediawiki
$ sudo docker network connect mediawiki mediawiki-mysql
$ sudo docker network connect mediawiki mediawiki-smtp


1) Access your wiki at http://<host>:8080

2) Click to set up wiki

Mediawiki First Page

3) Select language and click Continue

Wiki Language

4) Leave default and click Continue

Wiki Env Check

5) Input your MySQL container name and its root password

Wiki Db Setup

6) Leave default and click Continue

Wiki Db Settings

7) Assign your wiki name and create your wiki account

Wiki Name Account

8) Click Continue to start configure

Wiki Install

9) Once done, click Continue again to download LocalSettings.php file.

Wiki Install Completed

10) Transfer this file into the container

sudo docker cp LocalSettings.php mediawiki:/var/www/html

11) You wiki is ready to use at http://<host>:8080/index.php/Main_Page

Wiki Main Page

Email Function

(WIP, Not Workable Solution yet)

Mailer returned: Failed to add recipient: [SMTP: Invalid response code received from server (code: 550, response: relay not permitted)] 

To get email function work within Wiki, please proceed the following:

1) Edit LocalSettings.php and add the following lines

$wgSMTP = array(
	'host'     => "mediawiki-smtp", // could also be an IP address. Where the SMTP server is located
	'IDHost'   => "",     // Generally this will be the domain name of your website (aka
	'port'     => 25,               // Port to use when connecting to the SMTP server
	'auth'     => false             // Should we use SMTP authentication (true or false)


2) Copy into container sudo docker cp LocalSettings.php mediawiki:/var/www/html

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