Exercise 1 - FizzBuzz

This can be your first exercise to practice TDD. It is a good exercise for you to start and give you the real feeling of TDD. Don’t feel bad if you couldn’t do it well as this happens to everyone who start practicing TDD for the 1st time including myself :)

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Exercise 2 - Roman Numbers

In this exercise, the implementation of the logic is not so obvious like in the exercise 1. Please use TDD approach to write your code and tests that are easy to understand, change, and maintain. You will also apply data-driven testing technique in this exercise.

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Exercise 3 - Circular Buffer

In previous exercise 1 and 2, you write only 1 method to solve one single problem with obvious acceptance test cases. In this exercise, you will practice gathering requirements, writing acceptance test cases, and do a bit upfront design. You will also need to write several methods to make all the functionality work.

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